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Dec 22, 2006 04:03 PM

pacificana restaurant in sunset park...

has anyone had a chance to try out pacificana restaurant on 55th street in sunset park? i think it was opened by the same owners as ocean palace on avenue u that closed up about a year ago. the space
in sunset park, i hear, used to be the ocean palace sunset park location that they rebuilt from the ground up.

i hear it's upscale cantonese..let me know if anyone's had a taste..

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  1. Is it on the 8th avenue strip, or elsewhere?

    There is also a sign for a new Malaysian restaurant opening up across from the Tofu store a few blocks north. Im hopeful, tho not much, since Malaysian food in brooklyn mostly seems like a timid chinese version of same.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      If it's the old Ocean Palace site that would be the southeast corner of 8th & 55th.

      There's also a new Malaysian place that just opened on 8th around 51st or 52nd, west side. Jen, I don't know exactly what you mean by timid Chinese version. All the Malaysian restaurants I know here are run by ethnic Chinese from Malaysia and include dishes that don't appear in the same restaurant in Malaysia (e.g., you'd get nasi lemak & rendang from Malays, Roti Canai from Indians, & chow keuh teow or Hainan chicken rice from Chinese).

      1. re: Peter Cherches

        I dont think its in the old site - there is a Chase Bank on the ground floor of the new bldg there now.

        what I mean is that Ive been to a number of restaurants denominated Malaysian in Brooklyn and the food is not very satisfying; Im well aware of what the standard dishes are in the malaysian cuisine, and in most of these places its not prepared very well. In some of the cases, I know that the cooks are overseas chinese not from Malaysia and I just think that this variation on Chinese cuisine has become popular in the broader chinese community and these restaurants are catering to that fact without really having the expertise in the dishes. We speculate a lot about this - is it that, maybe its the fact that in that in SEAsia a lot of the dishes are streetfood prepared by single dish specialists - as you note they come from different communities? Maybe a cook really only knows a dish or two when he comes, and cant mount a competent full restaurant menu.
        Anyway, Brooklyn restaurants in this category include a place on Bay Parkway (forget the name), Laksa Hse on Ave U, Belacan Cafe on 6th and 61st (best of the bunch). There is also a little greasy spoon on the west side of 6th nr 59th which has some malaysian dishes and is pretty bad; the Brooklyn Nyonya was poor except for the noodle dishes on a recent visit. Banana Leaf on 4th closed; the chef there was from KL and capable but he wasnt into fusion rather than executing funky real Malaysian/Perankan cooking. There's one called Blue Ginger on Ft Ham but Im so discouraged by all these misses that I havent been able to get up the enthusiasm to try it.

        1. re: jen kalb

          There are a lot of Chinese from Ipoh in NY, so I'm not so sure about the non-Malaysian hypothesis. I do think a lot of pan-Asian and Thai places are run by Malaysian Chinese owners and chefs. It is possible that the Malaysian-Chinese restaurateurs at Malaysian restaurants don't have the expertise in the dishes of non-Chinese origin, but I've found Brooklyn Nyonya pretty consistently satisfying, and except for a great curry with the roti canai I wasn't thrilled with my one visit to Belacan (the chow kueh teo was actually pretty bland and awful).

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            Belacan is not uniformly good, but Ive had some good dishes - a rendang like beef stew and that roti canai being two of them. On the other hand Ive had some dishes that werent right. The guy there used to work at Nyonya and actually is an overseas chinese from India.

    2. yes, it's at 55th and 8th and yes, it's the building with the chase in the lobby...somehow this morphed into a discussion about malay restaurants...

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      1. re: ltjbukem

        thanks and sorry - looking forward to trying Pacificana.

      2. went tonight. there was a wedding banquet going on, but there were some tables set aside for regular folks. we had a 14-top and it was very decent. we had 3 mushroom dishes and the clear winner was a sticky rice w/ dungeness crab dish at $17. i can't give a good review, as the chefs may have been harried from the wedding banquet.

        and yes, there is dim sum served there.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Does anyone know how Pacificana compares to Ming Gee in terms of dim sum? Am always looking for new haunts . . .