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Dec 22, 2006 03:59 PM

Looking for a Yule Log

Last minute I know, but any good ones out there?

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  1. I would call Susina Bakery on Beverly Blvd. They are really nice and taste pretty darn good. Better than Sweet Lady Jane's.

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      i ordered 3 buche de noel's from susina for this week and they were all delicious. they have vanilla rum and chocolate coffee flavors (neither of which are my favorite cakes, but both are quite good). everyone that's seen them has thought they were too pretty to eat!

    2. Next Little Door has them...didn't taste...

      1. I have one I'm picking up at Caprice. They're in Santa Monica on Pico. Right now they're so busy they're even open this Sunday. Normally they aren't, but right now business is so brisk. If you want something particular ask the owner. Nice French gentleman and they make a lot of stuff for high end restaurants.

        1. call paris pastry on westwood. they might have it.

          1. I saw a few in the case at Amandine Bakery (Wilshire, near Bundy).
            Call, don't know if they were special orders.