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Dec 22, 2006 03:46 PM

Free range chicken in Arizona

Does anyone know of any sources for locally raised free range chicken? I know I can get free range just about anywhere these days but I prefer to buy from local vendors wherever possible, both because I like to support local farmers but also because the free-range label has become so dilluted that I don't really trust the products at the larger supermarkets that come from out of state.



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  1. Kevin, "Free range chicken" refers to a chicken which is cage free. It however does not mean it is in any way better than regular chicken. A free range chicken, sionce it is out in the open, can munch on anything, and is definately more predisposed to gettting bird flu or avian flu, if we were to get one in the usa. However organic free range chicken is a whole new kinda bird. It is allowed to be cage free however in controlled sorroundings. Dont waste your money on advertising campaigns of the producers, and another thing, to my knowledge there is nocommercial scale producer of free range chicken in Az. There is a small scale farmer in Maricoppa County. DO a google search and you will find her. Have fun and Happy Holidays

    1. Thanks. Without getting into a debate, what I am looking for is a bird that is raised humanely with unlimited access to the outdoors. The "controlled surroundings" you refer to are exactly what I am trying to avoid. And the FDA's definition of free range is, in my opinion, wholly inadequate. One of the reasons I would like a local producer is so that I could actually visit the farm.

      1. I too am looking for an AZ chicken producer. Anybody have some ideas.....

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          I've been getting birds from Josh's Foraging Fowls. Josh Koehn produces pasture-raised chickens and eggs (and turkeys on a seasonal basis) down in southeastern AZ. He and Anya Owens from A Bar H farm make monthly delivery runs to the Phx area. You can find out more about their upcoming delivery schedule and prices here:

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            If you're used to eating Tyson chicken, beware the color of Josh's chickens! Very good product, I would second this recommendation.

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              and I 3rd it! I have had their chicken and eggs and was very pleased with both products. Its even better knowing they are local and humanely raised.

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            Oops. Almost can also check out the localharvest website to locate other Arizona poultry producers:


            Hope this helps.

          3. Try Ridgeback ranch located off RT 79 south of Florence. They have free range chickens and duck of all types. The email is

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