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Dec 22, 2006 03:16 PM

Fish and Groceries in Venice

I just moved from Brooklyn to Venice and am looking for the best fish market and grocery stores in my area.

I've been to the Ralph's on the corner of Lincoln and Rose which is right around the corner from me and it is fine, but not great. I know about the Costco, TJs, and the farmer's market.

Where else should I go? Is there any place around that has a good fish selection?

Thanks a bunch!


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  1. hi neighbor! i just moved here too from NYC and live right near you. These are the market's i found that are decent...

    Bob'd Market
    Ocean Park Blvd & 17th st
    Santa Monica
    (looks unassuming but it's great)

    Bristol Farms
    Beverly and Doheny
    Beverly Hills
    (lots of other locations but this is the most fun)

    and of course Whole Foods
    National and McLaughin

    1. For fish you need to go to Santa Monica Seafood, on 12th and Colorado. One of the best fish markets in the county. Other options include the three Japanese markets -- Safe-N-Save and Nijiya, both on Sawtelle between Olympic and Santa Monica, and Mitsuwa, which is on Centinela just off Venice.

      1. i forgot one...

        real nyc place...a gourmet bodega! the owners are nycers. you can buy the Post there!!!!

        Robin's Nest
        Venice Blvd - last block befoer the beach.

        1. I live in this area too at that Ralph's is the worst one ever!

          There are two much better ones in the Marina, one at Lincoln and Maxella and the other on Admiralty Way.

          Gelsons at Lincoln and Maxella is pretty decent, as is Bristol Farms on Lincoln by Manchester.

          For more upscale hard to find items, the Market Gourmet on Abbot Kinney is great.

          Wild Oats on Wilshire by 4th is good too.

          And I agree with the poster above, you can't beat SM Seafood for fish.

          1. Agree with the Bob's Market suggestion (I bought a whole bunch of sausage there today, they make it on the premises) and Santa Monica Seafood.

            I go to those Ralph's and Gelson's, too.

            In addition, there is a Whole Foods on Barrington and National and the Santa Monica Co-opportunity is at 16th and Broadway in Samo.

            I also like Bay Cities Italian Market on Lincoln (I guess the cross street is Colorado). For carne asada marinated, Sanchez Market at Inglewood and Culver is great.