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Dec 22, 2006 03:07 PM

Seared scallops and...

Request from son: seared scallops. So that's tonight's dinner. I was thinking of serving it with some kind of risotto. Do you think a porcini risotto would be totally wrong? I plan to sear the scallops in olive oil, then deglaze with white wine or a bit of cream (or both). The scallops would be served beside the risotto, not exactly on top of it. Asparagus as a veg and, maybe a fennel and orange salad.

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  1. Risotto is a great backdrop to seared scallops, but I'm inclined to think the porcini might overwhelm the delicate mollusks. How about a more subtle risotto -- spinach, maybe?

    Other than that, your meal sounds perfect!

    1. I've served the citrus risotto from the Zuni Café Cookbook with seared scallops, to great acclaim. The citrus/starch combination is really nice -- even though the risotto itself is rich, its puckery quality is a good foil to the richness of the scallops.

      1. I wouldn't add porcini to the mix. We often serve scallops with a very loose risotto flavored simply with peas, yellow pepper, and occasionally a little saffron.

        1. i've had scallops dusted in ground dried porcinis then seared and they were fantastic! the porcini didn't overwhelm the scallops at all.

          another good pairing is a savory blood orange reduction. yum!

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            Ooooo...dusted in dried porcini powder. That would be totally amazing. I happen to have a ridiculous amount of dried porcinis from a very successful foraging season and this sounds like an incredible use for them. Maybe I'll do the scallops in the porcini dust, and make the risotto with asparagus.

          2. I love risotto with asparagus, or peas. Either of those with a bit of citrus sounds heavenly!