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Dec 22, 2006 03:05 PM

Hawaiian recipes?

Does anyone know of a good website for Hawaiian or South Pacific recipes? I've looked around and found a few, but nothing wonderful.


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    1. It really depends on the kinds of recipes you're interested in, but you might consider investing in one or some of the six volumes of Hongwanji cookbooks. You can call and order them, or pick them up if/when you're next in Honolulu. 1727 Pali Highway, Honolulu 96813, or call (808) 536-7044 for specifics on prices and postage. The books sell for $8.50 to $10, depending on volume.

      1. From a message I posted some time ago: "The Foods of Paradise" by Rachel Laudan, University of Hawai'i Press 1996, ISBN #0-8248-1778-8. Cover price is $24.95; Amazon probably has it for less. I have a few others, including the good Hawaiian Junior League cookbook with the Pegge Hopper cover, but FOP has recipes sorted by ingredients, ethnicity, and attitude ("local", homecooking, festive food etc.), and it's the one I dig into when I'm in a Hawaiian kind of mood. Or want to make that great fake Kahlua pig...

        1. How about some recipes from Sam Choy?

          Thought the original poster was looking for websites? Not books.

            (this next one is more of a blog but still good fun)
            the next one is the Hawaiian Electric site so if the link is too long for you, then just go to the main link and click on the recipe llink at the top.