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Dec 22, 2006 02:56 PM


There appears to be a Kosher Subway on Ave J btwn 12 & 13 (next door to Kosher Delight). Does anyone know if it is open or when it is scheduled to open? If it is open, any reviews?

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  1. BS"D

    I only know about the one in Cleveland, which I thought was the only kosher Subway in the USA. Haven't eaten there, though. My daughter bought one for my son when he was there, for the plane trip back. His review was that it was nothing special.

    1. I saw that there was going to be a subway, are you sure it'll be kosher?? I don't really see the need there with Subsational and bagel hole two blocks away plus KD next door.

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      1. re: pitagirl

        Re "are you sure it'll be kosher??" - I believe it said "Glatt Kosher" on the awning/signage

      2. Competition is a good thing. One example is when Sabra Pizza in the Five Towns started having competition. This competition eventually led to an overall better (more product variety and nicer decor) establishment.

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        1. re: jeterfan

          Yeah, but Pizza Pious wasn't as good, I think. And Sabra had falafel.

        2. It’s about time! I could never understand why KD had no competition for all these years! Anyone that goes there will note that it is a very successful store. Why no one would set up a competing business is beyond me. Would Burger King allow McDonalds to have a busy location unchallenged? The kosher word seems to be hung up on pizza stores as being the prevalent out of home eating venue. As an example, here in the 5 towns you have 3 pizza stores within a one minute walk of each other! In fact the 5 towns has 6 pizza stores!

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          1. re: MartyB

            Maybe pizza is just easier to do? Or there is more of a market, especially with the HAFTR kids nearby.

          2. from kosher today
            Brooklyn, NY... The second glatt kosher Subway franchise restaurant is set to open on Avenue J in Flatbush, right next door to Kosher Delight, one of 3 fast food

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            1. re: alyssa

              Would some kind poster keep us informed when they open!

              Lets hope this is the start of the major chains to cater to the kosher community! They do so in Israel, between Flatbush and Boro Park I am sure that their venture will be successfull. As to the five towns where I reside, I could hope, after all we do have a kosher Dunkin Donuts here!