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Dec 22, 2006 02:54 PM

I need ideas for inside a puff

I want to make pate a choux and fill it with a savory something or other...any ideas? It will be an app for Christmas day lunch. We are having Lamb and Pork Roast as our mains. Please dont go to ecclectic with the ideas as my family has quite conservative tastes (EKKK!!!)
Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! Happy Chowing!

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    1. you can mix gruyere into the batter and make gougeres. easy.

      1. How about a savoury mushroom filling?

        1. Goat cheese, black tapenade and basil (or other herb)?

          1. OOO, all of the above sound great!! What do you guys think of a smoked salmon mousse? When you make gougeres, do you fill them with anything?

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              I did smoked salmon puffs for our holiday dinner as an app. There's a recipe on Food and Wine for them. They went over very well.

              1. re: icey

                Gougeres - just plain. And plain wonderful!
                Smoked salmon mousse sounds great! You are on the right track!
                I love little cream puffs. The ideal cocktail party food. Cheap, easy, make ahead, improvise a savory filling with something that will hold and not get soggy at room temperature. Everybody thinks they are fancy and elegant.
                And they make wonderful desserts. Hot or cold. With or without sauce.