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Anyone come across good raw oysters in Charm City this week?

We have a hankering. I'd prefer to skip anything chain, like M&S and Legal. I see Chameleon has them fried, but not raw. Friday is going to be the usual happy hour meat market at Cross street, but we'll go anyway if there are no other options. Just wondering if anyone came across a special on a menu someplace in the last couple of days.

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  1. I had some raw and "angels on horseback" at Mama's on a Half Shell last week. They were good. Don't know if that is what you are looking for.

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      If anyone else is a dolt as I am, "Angels on Horseback are oysters wrapped in bacon strips and broiled." (from wikipedia)



    2. Had some raw at Mamas on Sunday, excellent, good and salty.
      They have a happy hour special, 6 oysters for 6 bucks.

      1. Glad to hear about happy hour at Mama's. On the other end of the price spectrum Oregon Grille always has fresh oysters, quite good, but maybe not the best. They serve them eaw and grilled--excellent mopping sauce. Also fried, but like Plieades, I remember what Mencken said about the best way to cook an oyster--"Don't."

        1. We had some great oysters at Gertrude's a few weeks ago.

          1. Just had a dozen raw at Faidleys Lexington Mkt.They were tasty
            and it wasn't cowded

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              Faidley's is excellent, and there is a guy in the part of the Market on the west side of Paca street who charges considerably less and has decent oysters on the half shell.

            2. thanks, all. I forgot about Mama's. Given all the kids in the mix this week, that's probably the best bet.

              1. let us know how you faired!

                1. We ended up at Mama's last night. the raw oysters were indeed very good. I also had the fried oyster platter, which was tasty but had apparently waited just a leeetle too long on the warmer and had lost some crunch.

                  The only down side was the wait. They didn't give us a rezzie when we called due to the size of the crew, and the guy on the phone said to "come on down, it should be ok." Upon arrival we found the place packed. The VERY helpful waitress and hostess had a much better grasp of the situation...I wish they had answered the phone when we called. We got seated, but it took an hour, and the youngest in the group did melt down 3/4 of the way through the meal.

                  so yea, important tip, college guys who work at bars are not the best source of info when trying to determine where to take a large group. LOL

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                    I didn't think Mama's took reservations at all. If they did I'd go there more often, but long waits for a table after hunting for a parking place put us off.

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                      I think you're right, actually. That policy simply wasn't, er, articulated very well on the phone. Oh well. Everyone had a good time, and I took the little home early and put her to bed.