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Dec 22, 2006 02:27 PM

Help?Need help on flank steak/app idea.

Flank Steak is going to be a part of my Christmas night gathering...

I am going with a tapas/app theme - easily eaten foods.

I just dont have any idea of how to serve this flank steak app style, cant just slap it on the plate.. any ideas??

Really lost on this one..

Thank you!

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  1. I marinate flank steak in red wine, soy sauce and some balsamic, broil then cut into thin slices on the bias; serve with either a good sour dough roll (already sliced) or thin slices of rye with mayo, butter, salt, pepper on the side and some cornichons and crisp radishes. A side spinach salad with some goat cheese would be nice too (went down very well yesterday at our extended family's kids Christmas lunch served with penne carbonera - big hit). Mme Zoe and I roasted a filet last New Years and served it sliced cold with the above accompaniments - guests loved it (sick of turkey at this point in the season, it went over very well).

    1. It's great marinaded with oriental flavors and threaded on a skewer.

      1. Check the Saveur web site for Pacific Rim Flank Steak. It is one of the most oft-requested items in our party food repertoire. We use all of the marindade on the steak, then reduce; the flavor is much better.

        1. Here is a recipe for a tapas carpaccio with olives and manchego. Substitute flank steak for the sirloin. You can sear the flank for a minute on each side before freezing to add flavor and give it a more attractive presentation. This can be eaten as is or served on thin slices of baguette that has been rubbed with garlic and olive oil.