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Dec 22, 2006 02:19 PM

Restaurant in or around Southbridge, MA?

I'm looking for a place to eat tonight in or around the Southbridge area. Something fairly nice to very nice - cost is not really a factor. We like all types of foods. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

ETA: We'll be wearing jeans, but not sloppy looking.

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  1. Probably too late but I have heard good things about Vienna. Haven't been myself.Others I haven't been to that I've heard good things about are: Bin something, Cedar St.
    I do like the Copper Stallion in Sturbridge. Tasty and reasonable.

    1. You could try a place called Rom's i believe its on Rt 131 , I may be able to put a link on this page. Try this site , Theres a nice place in Sturbridge called the Whistleing Swan and there is a niee place in side the Sheradon . Good luck hope this helps. Earle

      1. I believe upstairs from the Whistling Swan is the Ugly Duckling, which is a little more casual but just as good. We prefer the upstairs just because it is a bit more laid back, if that is what your seeking. More formal, stay downstairs, food is great in both.