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Dec 22, 2006 02:14 PM

Oakland/Berkeley rec, Dec 26th, Chez Panisse or????

My wife and I will be in the Oakland area on the 26th to see McCoy Tyner @ Yoshi's in Jack London Square. Need a recommendation for dinner, French, Italian, CA all would be good. Thanks

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  1. you'd be lucky to get a Chez Panisse reservation for the 26th this late in the game. You could try the cafe, upstairs, or Rivoli on Solano Ave, which is one of my favorites. Cesar (both Berkeley and Oakland locations) is great too - spanish tapas - and does not take reservations, so if you get shut out you can always go there!

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      I have never had a problem getting last minute reservations at the cafe, at either 530 or 930... definately worth a try. If you are going to the early show they would probably seat you at 10...

    2. If you wanted less of a haul over to Jack London Square after dinner, try eating somewhere on Piedmont Avenue. Lot's of good choices, and a relatively easy drive to your show.

      1. Soizic is a short walk to Yoshi's (it's a big plus not having to drive if you're planning on dinner before the 8pm show) and takes reservations. The space is a delightful respite from the urbanity of Broadway, the menu is solid and, when the kitchen is "on", execution is fine.

        1. Thanks Dordogne, we'll give it a try and report back.

          1. How about Tamarindo? an upscale and very good Mexican restaurant with excellent ingredients, great preparations, rather sopisticated small plates and larger plates too. They have a good wine list and aqua frescas, and of course beer. It is a small place on 8th just west of Broadway in Oakland about 6 blocks from JLS. Don't know if they are open that day and they do not take reservations.If you go early you can get in. The tamales are great, carnitas and the side of beans is delicious- among lots of other dishes.