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Dec 22, 2006 01:33 PM

Uses for goose fat?

A friend of mine is working at a food bank and recently got some goose fat to take home. Culinary uses anyone? At a restaurant I used to work at we made a salad dressing from duck fat. And I've heard some high end places are frying their french fries in duck fat!

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  1. Goose fat is excellent for frying potatoes. (Not deep fried, just used instead of oil or butter.)

    1. It's great for sauteing most things really, like cabbage, root vegs, and yes, especially fresh potatoes. And it freezes well.

      1. Things that absorb oil / fat generally go well with goose fat. Mushroon medley, greens, even omelette.

        1. have you tried it spread on bread or toast?

          1. A friend of mine made bread with goose fat. It was strange but addicting