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Dec 22, 2006 01:09 PM

Tonight- birthday dinner in/around the west village or east village

I'm going out for my bday tonight and am looking for a location for in one of the villages (or south) that is a bit romantic and fits the following reqs:

looking for a place where I didn't need to make reservations 1 month ago (duh), between $15-$30 for entrees, french, french-mediterranean, middle eastern - something with really good spices, and a place with ample amounts of meat and veggie items on the menu, all complete with a nice ambience.


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  1. Snack Taverna-Greek/Mediterranean

    Nice atmosphere, great food.

    1. You could see how brutal the wait at Freeman's is.

      1. thanks for the input. ended up at snack taverna, a place i've always wanted to go to. it was great. the pork tenderloin was phenomenal. as was the special spicy ground lamb in phyllo dough appetizer. and the space was great. it wasn't super crowded so we got the corner table.