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Dec 22, 2006 12:59 PM

boost! where?

I'd like to try this South Jersey delicacy. I know its geographical range is limited. Where can I get it, and specifically is there anywhere right off 295 where it's available?

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  1. What's boost? I've never heard of it and I've been a Jersey girl all my life. How far south in Jersey are we talking about here?

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      Well, not having had it (yet) I can't say exactly, but apparently it's a sugary, caffeinated syrup that you mix with water or seltzer (like Ribena) to make a sugary, caffeinated drink. I understand it's from the Riverside area but am wondering if you can get it anywhere else around there (Bordentown, etc). I think it's also called "Tak-A-Boost."

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        That's so weird that it's a product that seems to be sold almost entirely in Burlington County. Wild.
        Now I kinda want to try it. I'm sure you've been looking around on the Internet, but just in case you missed them, I found this article from South Carolina, of all places:

        And this one is a review for Vid's Deli in Delran, which apparently serves it.

        I think I may be taking a trip to Riverside on the NJ Transit River Line soon:-)

    2. Where are you from and how did you hear about our magic potion?

      Dine in a joint in one of the river towns and it will be on the menu.

      You can find the syrup in grocery stores. Many Acmes have it (That's where I buy it). Perhaps Mattsons Market on Mount Holly Rd, Burlington (take the 561 exit off 295 towards burlington and it will be about a mile up on the right) carries it.

      There is an article here:

      Only undiscerning palates would say it tastes exactly like flat cola. And you need to drink it with a pretzel.

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        Thanks! I will check out local Acmes next time I'm in the area, and Mattsons as well.

        I live in Delaware, and am not sure where I heard about Boost. But I was intrigued and am often in the Trenton area, and have been wanting to track down the stuff for a while, was just not sure how to go about finding it. If I like it I'm going to definitely find a Boost slushie somewhere... will report back once I get a bottle of it.

      2. I was able to get some Boost at the Acme on 130 in Bordentown- thanks for the tip, I would have never thought to look in a supermarket. Wow! This stuff is completely addictive... and the name isn't a joke- I had some in the early evening and was up half the night...

        1. It has also been known as "Drink-a-Toast" and "Take-a-Boost" but the locals have always just called it "Boost". Supermarkets like Acme carry it but typically only within a 10-15 mile radius of Riverside. They also make a decaf version though that kind of defeats the purpose. When you can find it, it is available in a pint to a gallon-sized bottle of the concentrate.

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            My name is Ken Swope and I lived a block from where they made/make 'boost'. We grew up on that drink in the 50s and 60s. As a matter of fact my sister, Linda, was one of very few privileged servers, that worked behind the counter at Faunces (where the in-crowd hung) across the street from St. Pete's parking lot and where boost was served out of a large porcelain jug. A nickel or dime got you a dixie cup, straw and a couple pretzels which started the rest of the day after high school got out. And by the way, they had the best ice cream cones ever made, served behind the same famous counter that served "boost".

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              kinda funny you remember that, not too many people do. they used to make alot of different things because ben faunce was also a pharmasist. boost is still great and can be shipped anywhere you want it.

          2. "Only undiscerning palates would say it tastes exactly like flat cola. And you need to drink it with a pretzel."

            Maybe not exactly, but using south Jersey tap water that's a nice way to put it. Have never had it with seltzer. Oh, and ANYTHING tastes better with a real Philly pretzel, the more rectangular the better and bought from a shopping cart if possible.