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last Q, fun place to eat with good ambience that turns into a night spot?

my sister just graduated from university and we will be visiting her for christmas. My husband and I want to take her out on saturday night. can anyone recommend a place with great food, fab ambience that is a good people watching spot?

I want somewhere that we can eat, drink and drink and people watch. Do restaurants turn into lounges at night in TO?

I would ask my sister, but she works for a non-profit and makes minimum wage, so she doesn't go out a lot.


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  1. a little more criteria..somewhere trendy. my husband and I are 28 and 25 and my sister is 22.

    We eat everything...sushi, italian, indian, greek, american, canadian etc.

    The only thing i would not want is chinese, because we're spending sunday and monday with our parents eating nonstop shanghainese food.

    1. Some suggestions for hipster hangouts: Czehoski's, The Drake, Doku 15. Or you could hit College Street as there are lots of options for both drinks and food and its always a lively scene. Maybe dinner at Coco Lezzone and then drinks at Wild Indigo afterwards.

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        I second Doky 15. very trendy and good drink menu

      2. For a trendy lounge with good food, I'd suggest Laide. Great tapas menu. But as the name suggests, it's not for the overly timid.

        1. Oasis, 294 College Street, Toronto Phone: (416) 975-9594. Great ambience / lounge near U of T. As for "people watching", it's a small place and you can't really sit outside in the winter do you are limited to watching the people inside.

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              I had no idea... I used to throw spoken word / hip-hop jams in the backroom there. What is there now, and any idea why it closed?


          1. Habitat, Coca or Czehoski - all on Queen W.

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                It's not traditional sushi, and I'm not sure what it's like on the weekend, but Ki serves decent food, including sushi and has that restaurant/lounge feel.

                Another place is Blowfish (sometimes panned on here but I've had good meals there) and you could go to the Brant House after for the bar aspect.

              2. Xacutti on College for New Indian...then head upstairs to Bird and lounge the night away. You can then head next door to either Arthurs or Teatro on the other side.

                1. Some good suggestions so far... I would add Ultra and Kultura to the list as well. I know that Ultra clears out the tables after about 10pm to make room for a dancefloor (as does Brant House) if that is the sort of thing you are looking for. They are all on the trendy side, can't comment on the food thought as I've only eaten at Brant House and it was decent if nothing spectacular.

                  1. For real food and party in one place I would reco Ultra. For decent food and tons of party (can be on young side) in one place I would say Brant. You could also go to Brassaii for really good food and then go across to Brant. For snobbier people watching i would say kultura. Drake has been dishing out some great food lately and you really cant beat that people watching. Czehoski's is very risky IMO because it is expensive and inconsistent. Coco Lezzone is always a ton of fun and you could hit Lily afterward. I think the Xacutti and Bird is a great combo but not for this posting.