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Dec 22, 2006 10:34 AM

Vietnamese Bahn Xiao

I'd like to surprise my parents by making them their vietnamese favorte, Bahn Xiao, the yellow crepe served with pork, sprouts, and lettuce to wrap. I've made serveral attempts using rice flour + tumeric no egg/ rice flour tumeric w/egg but I cannot get the right consistancy...Anyone have a recipe?

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  1. It's a terrible thing I'm about to suggest, but it works quite well. Find yourself an Asian supermarket, and buy a bagged mix - it'll be the one where there's a packet of tumeric attached on top. The English directions will be limited, but you only need the proportions. Now replace the water (or whatever liquid) with either club soda or a light-flavoured beer. DO NOT let this mixture sit. Use it at once. If the batter starts to thickly coat the spoon you're using, thin it out with your liquid of choice.

    As for a "recipe," when I can be bothered and take this with a grain of salt since I usually can't be bothered, I think I use equal parts flour & beer/soda and enough tumeric to make things a lovely mung bean colour.

    And just out of curiosity, what are you filling these crepes with? (Myself, I like a combination of mung beans, pork, shrimp, and sprouts.)

    1. I use the packages as well. They contain not only rice flour but a bit of tapioca starch as well which must help out in some way. I've always added coconut milk (1 part to 3 parts water) and have found that one egg really helps. I have found, unlike the other poster, that letting it sit about 20 minutes is a good thing. Of course, I don't use carbonated liquid so we may be talking about two completely different things.

      As for filling, I like roasted pork, shrimp, scallions, carrots, sprouts, and a splash of nuoc cham.

      1. It's actually spelled Bahn Xeo. If you do a search on it, you will find some recipes for them. We use the store-bought mix because it's easier.

        1. I'm going to have to try the mix...I was going to fill it with a mix of pork, shrimp and bean sprouts, like i usually see in restaurants, although I'd like to experiement some with the fillings and/or use sprouted mung beans/beet seeds, etc.

          ..It's an interesting idea with the carbonated water, however, as i've used soda water for tempura in the past and have great luck with its previous attempts at the vietnamese crepe have been good but way too heavy...

          I've done many searches on the internet for a recipe and, thus far, have tried 3, though all with only limited success, though have never used a mix...i'm a bit of a traditionalist and like to make everthing homemade- though sometimes i feel that it kills me.

          1. I have Andrea Nguyen's recipe for banh xeo in my "to try" file. In this article on her website, she argues that the correct consistency for the crepe batter is achieved via adding a spoonful of cooked rice and a spoonful of cooked mung beans to the ground soaked rice batter.


            Andrea Nguyen just came out with a big Vietnamese cookbook ("Into the Vietnamese Kitchen") and I've been trying to decide whether I will have enough time to actually cook from it. I don't know if her cooked mung beans/rice trick for banh xeo works, but I've made several other recipes from her website and they've all turned out well.

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              let me know if you do cook from her cookbook -- I have it out from the library and it looks pretty good.