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Dec 22, 2006 10:31 AM

Make-Ahead Chicken Wings?

Does anyone have suggestions for chicken wings that I can make a few hours in advance? My sister-in-law just sent a few pre-made items for our Christmas Eve buffet that require oven space...

Premade wings tend to get soggy, but I wonder if grilling them and then warming before serving would be okay.

I've been looking at Asian spice recipes, but am open to other great ideas.


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  1. I'm not a very big fan of re-heated chicken wings. If you have no other choice, I'd roast them a day or two before (very very high heat for a few minutes to brown) and then, on the day, reheat them with sauce in the crockpot (warm setting). They get amazingly tender/succulent if you heat them like this for a few hours.

    Buffalo sauce works pretty well in a crockpot, although the butter has a tendency to separate. BBQ sauce (preferably homemade) is excellent. Lastly, teriyaki is great too.

    1. Would you be willing to deep fry? That's the traditional way of making Buffalo wings and no oven needed.

      1. I like to marinate in Bufalo brand chipotle sauce, and cook on the grill or smoke hanging from those wire wing racks.

        If a crisp skin is what you're after, pat dry and rub with a mixture of seasoned salt and black pepper and bake indirect on the grill on a low fire.

        I have rescued some that were let severely overcook and dry out by dousing them with some more Bufalo and reheating in the oven. The crockpot method would probably have worked as well.

        1. I fry my wings in a wok several hours in advance of dinner. Hold in a warm oven, but that is not even necessary but heat butter adn hot sauce in the wok and add the fried wings back in and heat through. Yum.