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Dec 22, 2006 06:33 AM

So i went to PF Changs

I asked a month or so back about this place as i got a gift card. I took peoples recs and got the salt and pepper prawns. Yawn.....

Fried shrimp with some honey mustard style dipping sauce. The shrump werent even crispy. They were good quality shrimp but honestly nothing to write home about. We also got the sichuan scallops. These were decent quality but all you could taste was sweet and hot pepper. Neither of these dishes excited me. The wait was 45 minutes which we got around by sitting at the bar. I really dont understand why anyone would wait on line for food like this. Then again people wait in line for the cheesecake factory. Even for Americanzed Chinese food, this stuff was unispired and overpriced.

I really tried to go into this with an open mind and judge the food on taste and not as an example of chinese food. As food it wasnt awful, but it was overpriced and not worth the wait. It really is amazing how people can consider this quality dining or justify the price or wait. People are lemmings

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  1. I agree with your assessment. I have tried twice and it was underwhelming both times. I continue to be perplexed as to why there are such long lines. My conclusion: the food is "safe" in its flavour range and textures, and is designed to appeal to a broad audience, making it a boring rendition of Am/Asian/Chinese cuisine. In addition, the service is marginal when special requests are made to address nut, shellfish, and pork allergies (not mine, but friends with whom I dine).

    I prefer supporting and investing time, money and palate in local restaurateurs who endeavor to present authentic or creative cuisine. Therein lies adventure, discovery and new favourites to enjoy!

    1. I have to agree. What boggles my mind is that, almost without fail, there's *always* an extraordinarily long wait for a table at the local outlets of PF Chang's. The only time I've ever been was when I stopped by at off hours, and could immediately get a table.

      I proceeded to order my brother and SIL's favorite appetizer, which wasn't temperature-correct, filling, nor that tasty. It wasn't that it was necessarily *bad*, or inedible, but was it worth the trip, and the relatively high price? Heck, no. Would I have been upset quite a bit had I waited an hour or more for a table? You betcha.

      It's chains like these that are giving Americans a bad name, or at least are giving us a reputation as believing that cookie-cutter food somehow qualifies as haute cuisine simply because there's a long wait, a decent ambience, and high prices.

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        1. Ate there once in San Antonio.Had the Moo Go Gai Pan.I think the same dish at China Moon,a small restaraunt in Universal City,just down the road from me is better.Plenty of food, and hot from the wok to boot.It gets a lot of people from Randolph AFBase there.Yeah,had to wait with my sister and our friend David there at P.F.Chang's but not too long.

          1. Went once in Cincinnati. We had one of those %$#%^&^ gift cards! How i hate those things but that is another rant. Went with the people who gave us the card. No wait for a table my DH and I split a bowl of noodle soup, it was plenty. I forget what my friends DH had. She just wanted egg rolls. The plate was so covered in grease that as the waiter approached the table with then and leaned in to serve them they slid off the plate in their own slick and hit the floor. There was still room left on our card. I gave it to a young couple who claimed to love the place in Indianapolis. We'll not go on our own volition. Too much good food around to waste our time and money on PF Changs.