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Dec 22, 2006 05:59 AM

New Year's Day Brunch: The Odeon or Perry Street?

I know this is random, but I have two reservations for New Year's Day at both of these places. I know they are very different, but wanted to get some thoughts on which should stay and which should go (it will just be me and my boyfriend - probably very hungover and hungry - but wanting a lovely brunch experience nontheless.

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  1. Perry Street is beautiful and flavor combinations are incredible. Nothing is heavy-flavored, in particular the desserts are phenomenal (chocolate mousse, seemingly a simple dessert, was never better). Portions are on the slightly smaller side, so if you're lined up for a big night of partying the night before, not sure if you want a bigger meal.

    Either way, please make a decision soon - IMHO, it's not fair to make two reservations at two places and cancel last minute (pet peeve of mine); means other 'hounders get potentially locked out.

    1. I really enjoyed my lunch at Perry Street last Sunday, but I just wanted to alert you that the food is almost all lunch (I believe there was one pancake dish). I haven't been to Odeon.

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        Yes lunch at Perry Street is wonderful. I think I'd choose it for sure. I haven't been to Odeon in twenty years.

      2. Perry Street it is - Thanks!