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Dec 22, 2006 05:41 AM

Fried Chicken in San Diego Area

Hey after looking over this wonderful service and searching out "Broasted Chicken" I thought, wouldn't it be great to have folks submit their favorite Fried Chicken locations for San Diego Area.

My number one pick is Jimmy's in Santee, second runner up is the Fried Chicken place in the 4700 Block of El Cajon Blvd. Also, California Chicken at the corner of 70th & University.

Any one else like to add to this??

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  1. Jimmy's in Santee? You've got to be kidding.

    Fried Chicken, try Magnolia's on Euclid about a mile and a half south of the 94 in the Food 4 Less shopping center.

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      I had good fried chicken at a place in Escondido called The Wagon Wheel. It may be the single unhealthiest menu in all of San Diego county.

      Chicken Pie Shop also has decent fried chicken, though it's breaded and not battered (I prefer battered).

      Nothing so far has compared with the fried chicken I've eaten down South, however.

      1. re: Josh

        I think really good fried chicken is best done at home and not usually well done by restaurant kitchens, particularly restaurant kitchens in California ;-)

        My grandparents were from Iowa and owned a chicken ranch in Lemon Grove for about 40 years. I grew up eating my grandmothers fried chicken which was really, really good. I even used to be able to make a pretty mean batch of fried chicken. But I gradually fell out of the habit of cooking it. I went to make some a couple of years ago and found that I'd lost a lot of the technique and what I produced wasn't nearly as good as what I used to be able to make without even thinking about it. There is an artform to making chicken, clearly my facility with that art had paled. Use it or loose it and I lost it.

        1. re: Josh

          My husband just had the fried chicken from the Wagon Wheel last night, and raved about it. You are right about the menu, however.

        2. re: DiningDiva

          Broasted chicken....not fried. Jimmy's has the broaster. Po' Folks used to have a broaster too...and ironically, Po' Folks had been located right next to that Jimmy's in Santee.

          Jake shouldn't have titled the post 'fried'....

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Funny, I used to work at Jiimy's right when they started the broasted chicken, pressure fried, great when the oil is fresh, and the chicken is not overcooked (1981?)

          2. Huffmans has good fried chicken. They do not start to prepare it until you order it, you might want to call ahead. They only have a few small tables, it is mostly take out.

            The resteraunt has a lot of history. Mr. Huffman has since past away, but it is still good.

            Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
            5039 Imperial Ave
            San Diego, CA 92113
            (619) 264-3115

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            1. re: normalheightsfoodie

              I grew up at 69th and Imperial, my Dad had a Lawnmower shop across the street from the grave yard on Imperial. MANY Saturday's hanging out at the Lawnmower shop watching cartoons and eating Huffmans BBQ! I didn't know Huffman's offer fried chicken, I'll have to take a drive now that I live in La Mesa.

              Thanks for the 411.

            2. Surprisingly, Marieta's Fine Mexican Food in Santee (on Carlton Hills Blvd.) has good fried chicken. It tastes like the pan fried chicken my mom used to make. Don't expect mexican spices or a latin treatment of the chicken. It's just straight forward fried chicken. The bad thing was it arrived piping hot to our table and I had to wait awhile before it was cool enough to pick up by hand to eat.

              1. THis will bring a hail storm of mean spirited commentary but try your local Albertsons. It is good. I don't get any sides from the less than good deli but the chicken is good. The drums are delicious.

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                1. re: SeanT

                  SeanT - that is so funny because I was thinking the same thing and was a little afraid to mention it.

                  1. re: lesleymg

                    I have had their fried chicken, and you're right, it is pretty darn good. But! Has anyone had the jalopeno fried chicken at Crest Cafe? They season it perfectly so it's crispy AND spicy.

                2. Livingstons in OB has great broasted bird!

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                  1. re: mmjgam

                    Bonnie jeans on euclid hands down.