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Dec 22, 2006 04:41 AM

Kitchenaid Advice QUESTION from a husband... is the deal...I purchased the power plus today for $249 at target...they were out of the $199 regular kitchenaid or whatever that is! So my question is this...

I just found the original $199 mixer at another there really that big of a difference in the quality for $40 more? Should I keep the one I bought today or get the other one? Sorry can't type more right now...wife is snooping, but pleae give me some advice here!

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  1. I'm pretty sure she'd be happy with either one. We had a basic kitchenaid that lasted 20 years with frequent use. We upgraded to the lifter model for our second and I'm pretty sure it will last at least as long.

    1. For the average home cook, the regular one is fine but if you want to be able to make large amounts of things or do heavy bread doughs, the extra power is worth it. Its like any other tool - you can never have too much power but you can have too little. Keep the bigger one!

      1. Presuming the "pro" model you bought at Target has the larger mixing bowl, it is worth the $40. I have always used the 'lifter' model and like the fact the stability it offers. The smaller version is okay, but I don't like to have to swing the neck back to remove the bowl. In addition, when I am working with heavier doughs, or bigger cookie batches, I like the power. I think your wife will love having the bigger model. Oh, don't forget to put it a bread mix, or some ingredients for the 'christening'!

        1. I would go with the bigger model. We have the other one, and I would prefer the lifter, it is cleaner.

          1. Absolutely go with the bowl-lift model-- more stability, more power.