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Dec 22, 2006 04:06 AM

best butter chicken downtown?

we'll be staying at the sheraton toronto on queen st w. we loveeee butter chicken. any good recommendations?

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  1. 2 places to highly recommend from my experiences.

    Ghandi on Queen st w serves amazing butter chicken rotis and awesome Chicken Korma. It is a 5 minute cab ride west of your hotel. Just a couple seats and stand up so mostly take-out.

    Siddhartha is a buffet resto that serves excellent butter chicken, tandoori, amongst other tasty dishes. always very fresh and well seasoned. It is on King St W, just east of Bathurst. Also a 5 minute cab ride. Casual not expensive.

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      On a nice day, take the Queen street car to Bathurst, get off and transfer down Bathurst to King ( or walk the few blocks ) and enjoy Siddartha. Afterwards, walk up to Queen and get Roti take out at Ghandi. Return to hotel by Queen street car or casually walk back enjoying the sites of many unique stores/establishments on Queen.

    2. Oh great. I happened upon this while straying from my home board, L.A. Now I want to go to Toronto!

      1. Gandhi is a bit of a dump and mostly takeout. I'd suggest Dhaba at 309 King West, just west of John, about a 10 minute walk from your hotel. Upscale and they also have a $10 lunch buffet that always features butter chicken. A little closer, Trimurti is about four blocks west of your hotel at 265 Queen West. Don't miss their whole tandoori cauliflower. Little India (the restaurant, not the neighbourhood) is also on the same block but I find their version of BC oddly sour. Both have cheap — but very busy — lunch buffets, as well.

        1. awesome! i can't wait.

          1. My absolute favourite is just a few minutes from your hotel.

            Little India is on the south side of Queen St., west of University Avenue.

            They have a fabulous lunch buffet, that is very affordable, and boasts some great dishes, including butter chicken. I've tried all the Indian restaurants on the strip, and Little India is the most consistent and flavourful.

            I'm not a fan of Dhaba at all, after having some negative experiences there.

            Bear in mind that I was raised in an East Indian household, so my palate tends towards more flavourful and authentic Indian cuisine. Also, to me, upscale and Indian are two words that really don't mix. I guess when you grow up on a certain type of food, seeing it served in an upscale setting is a little strange. Enjoy! :)

            Little India
            255 Queen Street West

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              I entirely agree with Xtal's endorsement of Little India. It is the best, albeit by only a small degree, on that strip. Trimurti comes awfully close at times.

              Little India is a great Indian restaurant.