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Dec 22, 2006 02:31 AM

Phoenix - New to Neighborhood (Central and Camelback)

Hi There. I just moved to my 1st place on Central and Camelback from North Phoenix and was wondering if there are any great restaurants that I have to try. I have been to Durants, Pane Bianco, and Lola's Tapas so far. I've driven by China Chili and FEZ and are they worth trying? Also, are there any good restaurant deliveries in the area? Thanks for your help!

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  1. FEZ is fun, but loud. I think they have decent burgers.

    China Chili was on Central until Light Rail construction began and now they are open/opening on 3rd Street near Virginia. When they were on Central, I thought their food was pretty good (it was about a block from where I work). Nothing stupendous, but pretty good.

    Sonora Brewhouse on Camelback and about 4th Street or so is pretty good. There is also some decent Vietnamese places around 19th Avenue and Camelback, give or take.

    Of course, you can head east exactly 32 blocks and have the best burgers in Phoenix at Delux. :o)

    1. Heading south about two miles on 7th St., you have Trente-Cinq 35, a Belgian restaurant which I think is pretty good. There's also Lisa G Winebar and Cafe LaBella, which I have not yet tried. Both are right next to Trente-Cinq just a bit south of Thomas.

      Heading north on 7th St., there's Sierra Bonita Grill just south of Glendale Ave. Sierra Bonita's sister restaurant, Phoenix City Grille, is also nearby at 16th St. and Bethany Home Rd.

      As mentioned above, there are additional options on the Camelback Corridor beginning around 24th St.

      1. Fez is pretty good -- they have a good burger (or did when we last tried it, several months ago) sort of on the style of Delux, and there are several variations of a flatbread topped with lamb or eggplant. Haven't tried China Chili since they reopened, but I would stay away from the lunch specials and order off the menu instead.

        I work in that area but don't go out for lunch very often, unless I get in the car and drive to Carolina's or the Ranch Market at 16th St. and Roosevelt.

        Sarah C

        1. Central and Camelback you say? You can have fun....

          -Zest @ 16th St/Indian School. We've have a couple of stellar dinners there. Their appetizer list is great and you can make a dinner out of several like I did once. They have a small bar that you can sit and eat at.

          -Chevrount Wine Bar @ Central/S. of McDowell (across from library). Nice wines and a great selection of cheeses. They recently added a full lunch/dinner menu.

          -Richardson's @16th/Bethany Home (NW corner). New Mexican style food with a nice warm and toasty feel this time of year. Try the prickly pear margarita.

          -Phoenix City Grill @ 16th St/Bethany Home(south of BH, across from Starbucks). It's locally owned with a great Sunday brunch. Try the corn cakes!

          -TexAZ Grill @ 16th St/Bethnay Home(NE corner). Seeing a pattern? There's a lot of good stuff in this little area. This is an institution in Phoenix. Those of us who grew up here have had some great chicken fried steak here over the years. It's kitschy and with a basic menu. You go for the chicken fried steak, mashed taters and cream gravy. Very casual.

          -Rokerit @16th St/Maryland. Same owner as Richardsons. Again, a great feel on colder nights. The cellar bar is small but very nice. I've made dinners out of apps here as well - the sausage and white beans app is fantastic. My husband likes their ossu bucco.

          I'll think of more.....

          1. hey, you're right around the corner! drop by for dinner :)

            actually, i'm always completely underwhelmed by Fez. The food is eh, the drinks are overly priced, and the staff couldn't be less concerned. But the new cousin Ticoz is suppossed to be good.

            1 Padres, on Camel. and 12th. Amazing food that is upscale mexican. Love it.

            2 Diamonds 7th Ave and s. of Indian School. Best Chinese Food around, hands down.

            3. I'm a huge fan of the fish market, particularly the oyster bar and sushi bar. The actual dinner menu is ok.

            4. Rokerij is amazing.

            5. Dick's Hideaway uis also great (its Richardsons, but more intimate)

            6. For food that all men seem to adore, but I can't understand why, there's Texaz Grill at 16/Bethany.

            7. Avoid the Starbucks at 16th/Bethany like your life depends on it. head to 7th St and Missouri instead. Place is always dead.

            8.For chinese delivery, I go with Bamboo China, at 16th and Glendale. Pretty good, but Autumn Court will also deliver.

            9. For amazing pizza, go to Niccoli's Deli, at 16th, just N of Camelback.

            10. For greek, 7th St and Dunlap, Greektown.

            11. There's an ok place for vietnamese at 19th Ave and Camelback. Like I said, its OK.

            12. For kick ass italian, Avanti on indian School and 51.

            13. Don't overlook Macqayos downtown. We go there all the time, and Sylvia's La Canasta on 7th Ave and Missouri.

            14. Zest is FABULOUS. try it.

            I'll say this. everyone is different. I think Sonora Brewhouse is a total dud (a local food reviewer agrees), Trente Cinq underwhelmed me though my friends adore it and go once a week, and Lisa G's is never open. We've tried a few times to go. Chevuront is wonderful,and you should consider everything out to 40th Street your territory, so Postino, Delux (totally skip zen32 and g spot), archellino, etc are totally in your territory.

            Also, a charming if not know your socks off place is Feeny's, on 12th and Northern, and Pat's Pizza Plus is amazing delivery pizza..... tastes like it was overnighted from NY.

            Also, for nights you want to stay home, give Fresh Gourmet To Go at 16th and Camelback a try. They rock.

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            1. re: hzp

              Great Post.

              I like that Vietnamese place you mentioned... Pho bang? It's not a fancy destination by any means. But if you want cheap Vietnamese, it scratches an itch. It also has that certain charm of a place that doesn't give a damn. On my last visit the two floor ladies were clearly overwhelemed and simply gave up on dealing with new customers. Most of the newcomers left in a huff, but the ladies eventually served us and laughed at the situation. It's a funny point of view also embraced by Thais... sometimes you simply can't deal with the situation so why fret? There's a funky Asian market next door as well. I say it's worth a visit.

              Likewise, I noticed a number of other signs in the neighborhood indicating ethnic fare... it seems a mix. Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. Nothing aimed at most Phoenix folks, but I would bet there are some gems for explorative types.

              1. re: tastyjon

                i don't disagree, and as i said, its OK. i also find their apathy amusing. mostly, i'm in it for the summer rolls, and i just find theirs lacking. but their soups, etc are pretty decent, and come with whopping plates of fresh herbs, which i like.