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Dec 22, 2006 01:40 AM

The Holiday Meal

So what are people having for the main meal this holiday?

My extended family has perfected the art of making the decision far too complex and far less fun than it ought to be with weighted voting (no, I'm serious).

I had been hoping for a prime rib roast but it ain't in the cards this Yule.

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  1. Well, I've got a few Christmases I'm doing.

    1)Mom's House - Prime Rib. Kind of iffy since she claims to have made it frequently in the past, but all I remember in her repetoire is pot roast...
    2)Fiance's Family - I have no clue, but am really looking forward to this. His father is an amazing cook, and this is the time of year I crave rich foods.
    3)Dad & Grandfather - It's going to be a restaurant in Flushing or Manhattan Chinatown. It will be excellent food and we will all enjoy eachother's company.

    1. Going super simple this year because we're going to NH on Saturday for Christmas with the outlaws (um, I mean, my husband's family...) then back home to CT for Christmas Eve dinner at our house with my daughter, granddaughter and friends. So the menu is:
      Cheese, pate and assorted nibblies
      Beef tenderloin with garlic horseradish cream sauce and chimichurra (I love them both, couldn't decide, so clearly the solution is to have them both, right?)
      Scalloped potatoes with 3 cheeses
      Green beans with mustard vinaigrette
      Ice cream bombe (toasted coconut, vanilla and "candy cane") served with hot fudge and caramel sauces
      Plenty of good wine and I'll be pouring myself a blood orange soda/dark rum cocktail round about 4...