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Dec 22, 2006 12:55 AM

What's Worthwhile in Larchmont Village?

We went up there for the first time to go to Chan Dara. It's a cute little area with several restaurants - anything anyone likes on that main drag or nearby?

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  1. My favorite is Girasole. Tiny little Italian place, it's BYOB with no corkage. Reservations recommended since it's so tiny, but not required. I think they're closed on Mondays.

    Lou on Vine is not very far away (Melrose and Vine).

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    1. re: Slackerchick

      I second the recommendation for Girasole. A great date restaurant. The mushroom soup is excellent.

    2. I really like Le Petit Greek, not for its authenticity but for its freshness, a la tender chicken kabobs, pillowy yellow rice, crispy cukes, etc.

      1. Village Pizzeria. Good pizza with fair prices.

        1. Larchmont Deli. My favorite deli in LA. Greek owned. Get "the Beverly" its half pastrami, half corned beef with melted swiss on rye. So good you'll want to cry.

          1. One could just eat their way down the main village boulevard at different places over a week's time.