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Dec 21, 2006 11:51 PM

Zagat:hioghest rating in Manhattan is 28 for food: does this make sense?

Who and where in US would be higher than 28?

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  1. Actually, there are. For example, Chicago has a "29". But does it really matter? Why get hung up on the numbers? Is a 28/29 "better" than a "25", a "20"? What's better? It's like the people who get hung up on wine ratings from certain magazines. The ratings appear to be objective, but at that level, the distinctions become a little vague.

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    1. I believe that Zagat survey participants rate food on a scale of 0 to 3, then the surveyors average everyone's rating and multiply by ten. So a place can get a 30 only if everyone, or almost everyone, gives them a 3. And they are always a few naysayers. I've always hesitated to kowtow to ratings of a herd of people whom I wouldn't want to talk to at a bar.

        1. french laundry in yountville "fell" from a 29 that it had a few years ago (now 28)... and Gary Danko (SF) has a 29 from the 2006 Zagats.