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Dec 21, 2006 11:46 PM

tripe tacos anywhere in Manhattan?

Just got back from my old haunt, LA, and it gave me a longing for tripe tacos like you can get there. I imagine Queens would have but is there anywhere in Manhattan?


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  1. Taco Mix, on E. 116th St.

    1. 10th avenue is the place to be for you. Both Tulchingo and Tehuitzingo have tripe tacos. Personally, I find the tacos better at Tehuitzingo, but since they are a block apart, why not try both!

      Tehuitzingo's menu:

      Tulchingo's menu:

      1. you are right queens is the spot

        1. They're both fine....but E. 116th St. is a Mexican neighborhood. Not only is Taco Mix great (and better than either Tulcingo or Teuitzingo), but there are many other options on 116th St. and in the area. Casa de los Tacos is also nearby, on 1st Ave. And on 116th there are several Mexican groceries with taco counters inside in the back, and usually several carts on the street...