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Thai Delivery in Miracle Mile

We want to order in Thai tonight and I'm sick of Chao Krung. Last time we ordered, it just wasn't that great. Any suggestions for great Thai deliver in the Miracle Mile area?

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  1. Not positive whether Thai Patio delivers, but give it a try. We liked the one on Hollywood Blvd. and they have another location at Third and Fairfax.

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      Is this the one in the Kmart/Whole Foods mall? Have seen the menus on my doorstep but have not tried them yet.

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        That's the one. Tuk Tuk is also good.

    2. We've been skipping Chao Krung and going with Tuk Tuk (http://www.tuktukla.com/) lately. I love the green papaya salad. My favorite tom yum soup is from Tawanna Thai on Wilshire/Crescent Heights (can't find a web site).

      1. I just tried ordering from Tuk Tuk. I really wanted that green papaya salad. They told me that I'm too far from them for delivery. However, They could not explain why they always leave menus at my door, even though I'm too far for delivery. I'm so mad. Now I'll try the Thai Patio instead.

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          Too bad about Tuk Tuk!! We must be right on the border of their delivery zone. Please let me know if you were able to get delivery from Thai Patio. I've been curious about it based on Chowpatty's recommendations.

        2. Natalee on Olympic delivers and it's pretty good.

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            I second Natalee Thai. Order from the location on Wilshire/Robertson. They deliver to me over on 3rd and Fairfax.

          2. Galanga Thai is my favorite. They are on Santa Monica Blvd. Really fresh quality and fast delivery.

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              I love Galanga too. But the time I ordered takeout, it was way inferior to what we had when we ate in the restaurant!

            2. I ended up ordering from Natalee. Got the Tom Kha Shrimp, Spring Rolls, Spicy Monsoon Noodles w/Tofu, and the Papaya Salad w/Sticky Rice. They called me about 1/2 hour after I ordered and said they didn't have any sticky rice, which I thought was really odd. They also said the food was all ready and on the way. I expected it to be maybe another 1/2 hour before they delivered. Another 45 minutes later, they called and asked if I had ordered tofu only with the noodles (I had). Then they said they would be delivering in 20 minutes. All together, it was about an hour and 45 minutes from the time I ordered to the time they delivered. For that reason alone, I would not order from them again. The food, however, was pretty good. I wasn't in love with the salad, but everything else was quite flavorful and spicy. Maybe I would have loved that salad if they had sticky rice to send with it! Next time I'll try Thai Patio.

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                That's really odd; I've never had a problem ordering from them.

                But Thai Patio isn't bad either.

              2. Before the holidays, I went to Thai Patio and was not disappointed. I had the chicken pad thai lunch special and my sister with the bad cold had one of the chicken noodle soups and a side of egg rolls. The food was quite good and my only complaint is that it wasn't spicy enough but as I ordered it "medium" I only have myself to blame! My sister's large bowl soup really hit the spot and the egg rolls were very tasty. The best part was that the total order came to under $20.

                I ordered delivery last night and added chicken fried rice, drunken noodles and orange chicken to the above order. The total was about $40 and the servings are large. Everything was delivered within 45 minutes and piping hot. What I appreciate is that the sauce for the orange chicken was in a container so that the dish was not a soggy mess. Again, I ordered "medium" spicy but will upgrade to spicy next time now that I know. Everything was as good and fresh as it was in the restaurant.

                While not as good as my memories of the late Jitlada West in Studio City, I will add this restaurant to my "go-to" list.