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Mario Batali's Babbo any good?

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Has anyone been? Will be taking my parents to a show in February, looking for a great restaurant to take my somewhat particular mother...

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  1. The important thing, since you say your mom is particular in her food tastes, is what you mean by that. Babbo is a great, famous restaurant and if she likes that, it is a good choice. But it is also known for daring food and that is not necessarily for everyone (for the record, I think Babbo is great but I do love stuff like tongue and sweetbreads which I think is some of the point of going to Babbo). There are many items for the non-adventurous there but, to my mind, the real reason to go there is to be challenged to new tastes and new directions. If she is conservative in her food choices, this might not be the best for her.

    1. Fabuous, but you need to make a reservation a month ahead and be prepared for a walletectomy.

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        walletectomy? not sure what that is but Babbo one of the most reasonable priced high end restaurants in NYC...

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          one of the cheaper tasting menu + wine pairing in town. compared to other top restaurants in their respective cuisines, babbo is a bargain.

          granted, reservations are hard to come by. start calling at 9:59am sharp 1 month in advance to the date, especially if you're looking to book a table during peak hours on fri/sat night.

        2. Here's a recent thread with recommendations of what to eat if you get in .... http://www.chowhound.com/topics/353215

          1. Babbo is one of my favorite restaurants. The menu is varied enough so that anyone could find wonderful things to eat there - you certainly aren't limited to sweetbreads, tripe or some of the other offal and cured meats that Batali loves. Everything I've ever had there, from soups to pastas to meats, has been wonderful. And the service is nice but not obsequious.