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Dec 21, 2006 10:46 PM

Has anyone been to the Paker House, Quechee VT?

Has anyone been to the Paker House, Quechee VT?
We would love any feedback - because we are thinking about going for New Years Eve. We heard some stuff about the old place but we think it changed hands (maybe a good thing?)

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  1. Hi!
    Is that on the road to Woodstock? I think we've dined there but it wasn't memorable.....if it's where I'm thinking.
    However, the BEST restaurant I've enjoyed in Woodstock is
    Prince and Pauper. AWESOME!! A very small cellar type. Intimate with fantastic food and service. Prixe fix. If you go there you'll see what I mean!!
    Happy Dining.....

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      The Parker House is the one next to Simon Pearce. So not on that road, hmmm?

      1. re: professorbeezer

        Ah...right! Never dined there.....although have been to Simon Pearce many times. Our condo is near there. While I've enjoyed Simon Pearce the food hasn't been consistant. Prince & Pauper has always been consistant and special. However, I still like S.P....especially, the glassware!


    2. Ok I think we'll give The Parker House a try on a regualr night. We'll report back!

      1. Hi Contessa
        We went to the Parker House a couple of times in the past weeks, really one of the most relaxing, welcoming places we have been in the upper valley.
        Not stuffy at all and really great food. I understand it is a husband and wife team. And they do a phenmomenal job.
        First time we went we had mussles and pate then their bistro menu stews - a morrocan inspired tangine like lamb stew with figs and lemon and a stubstantial beef bourgignon with brie croutons. everything was served with tapenade, butter and baguettes. Also they had great English tea (stong) a personal requirement!

        Went back another time and the bar was humming along we sat in the firepalce dining room and had an amazing meal. A vegetarian special with risotto, fresh herbs, root vegetables and VT goat cheese. My partner had the most amazing lamb rack with a black currant demi glace.
        Home made warm gingerbread cake and creme brulee. Yum
        Thank god a place that isn't stuffy or trying to be too hip just a comfortable place with great atmosphere (really charming) and delicious food.
        Needless to say it's our new favorite.