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Pinkberry dying?

I've been to the one on Sawtelle a few times and at different times and I've always been the only customer. Is it already over or is it just that location that isn't popular?


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  1. Maybe because it's so cold out?

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      I don't think they're dying out but rather since so many opened up, people have choices as to which one they go to instead of the one in Hollywood.

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        The Wal Mart syndrome...their expansion is cannibilizing their other locations.

    2. I'd guess, like will47, that the weather is a big factor there. Better to cross the street and have a - not frozen - Beard Papa cream puff right now.

      BTW - I have seen that location busy, but never with the line out the door craziness I have seen at other locations (and I live 2 blocks away, so I pass that place something like 20 times per week).

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        Oh. OH! It just hit me.
        Why not squish a Beard Papa into a cup of Pinkberry yogurt with berries???

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          Why would you spoil a perfectly edible cream puff like that?? :-P

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            This whole Pinkberry thing seems like something from a Bud Lite Real Men of Genius commercial... Sweet Mercy please just someone light a match...

        1. its tucked in and so hard to find, I doubt if a lot of people even know about it.

          1. I'm part of the minority in that I didn't really see the big deal with Pinkberry. It tasted fine enough, but I think all the hype might of killed it for me. From all exhaustive glowing reviews I read I imagined eating it and being transported to nirvana. Instead I was left standing there with a spoon...there was no nirvana.

            1. Fiore in Japantown is really great. They use stevia instead of sugar. Fruit toppings are very fresh.

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                so they add sugar in pinkberry? thought it was all natural

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                  Sugar is natural. If they used an artificial sweetener, then it would be more "unnatural."

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                      i meant to say natural as in sugarfree and the sugar is from the yogurt itself but..i was obviously wrong =T thanks for lol

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                          there's plenty of sugar in pinkberry

                2. I see that a new branch is opening up in Silverlake at the spot that used to be the China Bistro.

                  China Bistro was only OK but packed ... until the nail salon opened up and there were literally no parking spaces open during the salon's open hours. The died because no one could get to it.

                  I wonder how Pinkberry will fare.

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                    Pinkberry seems to seek OUT locations with insanely limited parking... so this just might end up being their most popular location! :P


                  2. I think that the trend's just about passed. Having written that, Fiore in LT is wonderful.

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                      FYI: Fiore is owned by the Korean Todai Restaurant group.

                    2. fiore's changed their menu a little bit, adding a berry flavored frozen yogurt and changing their original flavor to original sour. it'll be interesting when pinkberry's opens down the street from fiore's in the lobby of the hikari apartments in litte tokyo.

                      1. ^^^Pinkberry pulled out of little tokyo

                        1. I was at the Koreatown location a week ago (on a cold night) and it was hopping.

                          1. I went for the first time last week on sawtelle...I've been 3 times since. I'm wholly addicted...no line no wait- thats why it took me so long...now I can't wait to go again.

                            1. pinkberry really needs to die...in time it will

                              1. The Sawtelle/Olympic location of Pinkberry is open all day today (XMAS).

                                1. I drove past the koreatown location on 6th and it looked closed, there was paper covering the doors and windows... anyone know what happened?

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                                    If it's anything like the Studio City branch, it's just their sunshades. Shame... nothing drive aways business like a store that looks closed when it's not.

                                  2. lol... has the inevitable backlash already hit, well before they've opened their full slate of 30 socal stores? or maybe it's just cold. i don't care; as long as there's a few of them around i'll still be going there...

                                    1. the koreatown location is still open, i went a few days ago. i did see the paper covering the doors/windows but i think that was next door..

                                      1. No worries, I went to the Sawtelle location twice this week, once every Sunday so far. I like to get there right when they open, no waits, no lines, plenty of parking and am always welcomed very warmly. I hope this location sticks around, I love that my fix is cured so close to home.

                                        1. Was just at Pinkberry on Sawtelle. In my opinion, the friendliest, most user-friendly location they have.

                                          1. I went to the WeHo location at 7:15 pm... I never thought I'd see the day where there was a parking spot right in front of the store and I was the only customer inside. On a Friday night, no less.

                                            1. My sister and I went to Milano Freezer tonight and thought it was great. It's on Olympic, just west of Doheny on the south side of the street. I had the chocolate gelato and my sister had their frozen yogurt, which she actually liked better than Pinkberry. She said it was less sour. We had a sample of the daily special, Peach Mango, which was very good but a bit too peachy for my taste (not a big fan of peaches). The gelato was very good and creamy. Two 8 oz. medium servings was about $8. Aside from the yogurt and the gelato, the service will definitely bring us back. Very friendly and helpful despite us getting there just past closing time.