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Dec 21, 2006 10:02 PM

St. Louis HELP: Looking for Christmas Eve and/or Day Restaurant for Husband's Birthday Lunch or Dinner!

Hi! I haven't tried to take him out in several years, but thought I would try to find an ethnic or otherwise restaurant that offers some vegetarian options.
Any ideas St. Louis hounds?
Thanks, p.j.

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  1. I also have a Christmas Eve b'day and we rarely go out on the actual day. A number of years ago however, we went to Bar Italia on 12/24 and it was delightful.

    1. I would check out this week's Get Out section or the Riverfront Times and look at the ads to see what is open Xmas Eve/Xmas Day...

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        Thanks, Doug. I tried the Get Out section, expecting to find a few. Only Grbic, which is Bosnian and heavily meat, advertised as being open. Absolutely no ads in this week's Jewish Light newspaper, either!
        I guess I will have to start phoning. Thanks, p.j.

      2. One note.

        If you want to eat out on Christmas Day, find a place now and make a reservation. You will probably be eating earlier in the day as most of the places serve in the afternoon on Christmas Day.

        Do NOT do as we did about fifteen years ago. We left home at 5 pm Christmas Day, drove 60 miles around St Louis City and County ending up eating dinner at Naugles (now Del Taco).

        1. What about...

          I Fratellini, in Clayton (Wydown and Hanley) - trattoria Italian, but not St Louis style (ie, diff than what you'll find on the hill). Small and intimate.

          1111 Mississippi, in Lafayette Park -- new american/napa/bistro fare. I haven't been, but tons of folks I know keep recommending it.

          Bar Italia, in the Central West End (I know this was mentioned, I second the suggestion) -- great Italian, also not St Louis style, very euro.

          Zoe's Pan Asian Cafe, in the Central West End -- good veg options, lots of flavorful stuff, lovely romantic atmosphere.

          Frazer's Brown Bag, by the Brewery -- great seafood/new american, great atmosphere, but not a ton of veg options.

          Aya Sofia, on Chippewa -- turkish/middle eastern, tons of veg, great atmosphere, near Ted Drewes!

          I don't know which of these are open on xmas, but all are worth checking out. ;)

          1. I think Portifino's is open Christmas eve.