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Dec 21, 2006 09:35 PM

Great shopping experience at TJs (and I don't usually rave)

I was eyeing two kinds of dried cherries at TJs this afternoon but didn't know what the difference might be (Bing vs. Rainier). I saw an employee and asked him if he knew. He said no, he had no idea, and proceeded to tear open a package of each and offer me a taste. Now that's customer service for you! I was very impressed. Also, I would have bought the one I liked less if I had been left to guess. Rainier cherries are sweeter; Bings are sweet but have that great tartness I appreciate in a cherry.

You don't run into that kind of service in big stores much these days (one of the reasons I usually like smaller stores...).

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  1. Wow, which branch was that? The people at my store are completely clueless too, but I've never been offered a taste of anything. At most, they wander around the store with me, looking for something that doesn't exist. Or, more typically, they'll say "No we don't have that" right off the cuff. A few times when I've pressed the issue, the item I was looking for has shown up in a strange location or under a slightly different name.

    1. And it's not so much that the employer opened the packages for you, but it sounds like he did it WITHOUT THE 'TUDE! It sounds like he, too, was curious right along WITH you...

      Thanks, Anne H, for the good story! It's just so rare...we have forgotten about great customer service!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. In Glenview, north of Chicago. Yeah, the guy was curious and saw only one way to answer my question... I wasn't pressuring him at all, and it never occurred to me that he would respond the way he did. I did wonder if the fact that I had a cart full of stuff made him think I was a good profit center... I didn't see that he was some higher up type, nor did he check with anyone, he just whipped open the bags and held them out to me. (As I was walking away, he saw another clerk and asked him if he knew the difference or wanted a taste, and I'm sorry to say that guy brushed him off with a quick, no I don't eat cherries.)

          1. i have a great TJ's story, too. I had bought a case of wine there and it was just terrible. It was only $2.99/bottle so I chocked it up to a bad choice (not you get what you pay for, because I've made a lot of great wine discoveries at TJs, and no, it wasn't $2 Chuck!). About a year later I was in the checkout purchasing other wines, when the checker said, "you know, if you don't like any of these, feel free to bring them back". i then proceeded to tell him about my year-ago experience, and he credited me for the entire case, right then and there! i love TJs...matter of fact, my secret santa gave me a gift certificate just today for TJs. I must talk about it alot...