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Dec 21, 2006 09:31 PM

Healdsburg help!

We're looking for somewhere to have dinner in Healdsburg. Good, ingredient-driven cuisine, not necessarily white table cloth. Any suggestions?

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    1. Zin gets good reviews on this board. We went there last month and were very pleased.

      1. Cyrus, hands down. Remember to make reservations, however. You can also sit in the bar area, upfront, where they have about four tables. I think some people were also sitting at the bar for dinner. We wanted a table.

        1. Cyrus if you can get a reservation. Nick does a fantastic job in the fron. Love the restaurant. If you are up for a CH treat, let them create a tasting menu for you. Yes, you can create your own from the ala carte, but our group of three (serious food folks, some in the trade) requested an evening adventure. Eleven courses (some amuses in the mix) and wine pairings made for a remarkable four-hour dinner. The service was top notch. When I found one of the wine pairings to be 'off' and not to my liking, we worked through three other wines to find the right match. Delightful evening.

          1. Had lunch at Zin yesterday, great as usual. Ravenous is very good, Cyrus is supposed to be good if you want to spend the money, Dry Creek Kitchen is very good, Cena Luna if you are into Italian, Charcuterie is not high on my list but alot of people do like it. Barndiva is well reviewed. Hope this helps.