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Dec 21, 2006 09:20 PM

Lundi Gras bachelor party dinner for 12?

Can anyone suggest a good place uptown for a bachelor party dinner early on lundi gras (monday before mardi gras)? We're looking for something semi-nice. We wanted to go to Dick and Jenny's but they are both not open for lundi gras and don't take reservations, which I'd like to do since our group will be so large.

I should clarify a bit and say that I am from NOLA, but currently reside in NYC. The guests will be coming from all over. We were hoping to make it uptown to avoid travelling much as we will be staying uptown at various family members houses and we will be spending the evening at Tips.

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  1. I have no idea if these places are open lundi gras, but nice places in that general area are Lilette, La Petite Grocery, Upperline, Crepe Nanou (also don't take rezzies), Byblos (middle eastern), Gautreau's should be open by then. Further down toward the park would be Martinique (might be too small), Clancy's, Alberta, ummm... I'm tapped out. Riverbend you've got Brigtsen's, Dante's Kitchen, Vincent's, One, Mat n Naddie's, Jacque-Imo's, Iris (also v. small)...

    Off that list, my top 3 recs for your situation (if they're open) would be Lilette, Upperline or Clancy's. Or what about old school at Pascal's Manale?