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Dec 21, 2006 09:16 PM

Bar 89

Has anyone gone to Bar 89? Its on 89 Mercer street between Spring and Broome I believe. I went there a while back with some friends and fell in love with a vodka they have there - Ultimat - does anyone know of any other bars in the city that serve this vodka? Its a vodka that is made from wheat, rye and potatoes.

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  1. I go back there every time I go to NY, and sometimes more than once!! Their cosmos are the best, but I fell in love with caipirinhas the last time I was there this summer! They make the best drinks. My boyfriend had the mojitos and also fell in love with that drink. It is a nice place where you can have a drink and not get loud music and adults also!

    1. Just had lunch here this afternoon. Had a Greygoose Martini - great! And and a BLT, the best in the city!

      1. Their nachos are also incredible....they have a homemade salsa that is incredible.