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Dec 21, 2006 09:08 PM

Need a good place to take my girlfriend

We'll be in Manhattan nex week and I want to take my girlfriend to a nice place. We'll be mostly walking around Midtown, Greenwich Village and SoHo but we can venture a little further if needed. I've looked at Spice Market but it's full every night, I've looked at Nougatine and Jojo, Babbo, Balthazar, Lupa and others. I would avoid indian as we've already planned one indian place. The big problem I have is my GF is lethally allergic to fish and seafood and absolutely hates mushrooms (but that can be worked around). I'm looking for a place with mains costing no more than $25 (but could do a little more if worth it). So where should we go? She loves italian food as well as asian and french stuff. How about the bar at Gordon Ramsay at the London?

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  1. Avoid Spice Market!

    Lupa sounds like it may be right up your alley. Babbo may be a bit too pricy and hard to get a reservation. I would take a look at both menus and see which one works better. Babbo takes some walk-ins but you end up in the front by the door usually. We've always managed to go to Lupa without a res and get a table. I don't think we've ever waited longer than 45 minutes.

    1. If a more casual atmosphere is fine, and you really love Italian, I would recommend Cantina Toscana. It's not a big place, and it's certainly not a place that is run with the idea of turning over its tables quickly. But it consistently turns out excellent Italian dishes. See:; and They regularly have a separate game menu, which I find neat. If venision chops are on the menu, they are awesome. The gnuddi is a excellent as an appetizer.

      1. Lupa is a good recommendation, but it's a bit frantic and cramped. Slightly more spacious and romantic are Crispo or Cacio e Pepe. Giorgio's of Gramercy and Red Cat are some other good options.

        1. Thanks all, I've also read good thins about Alta, a tapas place. Looked at the menu and many things read deliciously.

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            Alta is great, lots of wonderfully creative tapas in a real "escape from the city" environment. Another place that'd be great for taking your GF is Apizz in the lower east side. Many excellent Italian dishes made in a brick oven and in a lovely space.

          2. Hearth (on First Avenue and 12th St.) prepares mouth-watering Tuscan food. The service is impecable. The wine list is comprehensive. Highly recommended.