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Dec 21, 2006 09:05 PM

Emily's in Chelsea

I've read some pretty good things about this place, but have never been. The prices seem insanely low, which is appealing, but how's the food? Mainly red sauce Italian I'd guess, right? Done well though?

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  1. The prices are probably low b/c it's Chelsea.

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    1. re: Biffy_Ditmeyer

      Jeez, somebody's living up to their name. :)

    2. Food is delicious! Several choices which bring it beyond a typical red sauce joint. I highly recommend it.

      1. Well, I ate there once, and I thought that it average at best. Nothing like the fine dining establishments on Beacon Hill.

        1. I haven't eaten at Emily's but it has the same address as Rita's; which closed recently..but still operates a catering business.

          Rita's was a Chelsea tradition. You entered through the kitchen and there was a series of small dining rooms. Very good red sauce eating in someone's home..and very fair prices.

          1. I made a special trip to Emily's a couple of years ago based on Chowhound recs - food was decent - good quantity, decent quality - service was not so hot, mostly kids who were really uncertain of what to do.

            That said, if I lived anywhere near Chelsea, I would definitely go back. Unfortunately, there is this roadblock called Vinny's between me and Chelsea....