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Dec 21, 2006 08:59 PM

Good Liquor Store in Cherry Creek area of Denver

I'll be in Denver next month, and I'd like to pick up a bottle of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. Does anyone know a good liquor store in the Cherry Creek area?

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  1. The place that would have it for sure is Arrow Liquor Mart on Colfax (about 6 blocks East of the Capital). It is about a 15 minute drive from Cherry Creek. This will be a "colorful" excursion if you chose to take it, as it is a unique area of town with some different people (but totally safe).

    Otherwise, there is a good liquor store on Colorado Blvd (just about a block South of Cherry Creek Drive on the West side of the street). It is in the Belcaro Shopping center (and might be called Belcaro Liquor for all I know). They have a very good selection, and would certainly be able to special order anything.

    I don't know anything about that particular whiskey, but love the "brown liquors". You'll have to be sure to post if you are able to find it, and let us know how it is (I am in Denver all the time, so I will pick some up next time I am there).

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      I have just returned from the store on Colorado Boulevard in Glendale (look for the King Soopers grocery store on your right if you are traveling South on Colorado Blvd) and they stock the Colorado Whisky. The store is called the Colorado Liquor Mart.

      Booger, this whiskey comes HIGHLY recommended, I had it at Sushi Sasa and it was delicious. Reduced with a little dash of sugar and butter over ice cream? HEAVEN.

      There is also a blackberry brandy (I think) infused with whiskey that I have to get somewhere, I tried it there too. I think the bar tender said Primo Vino is where they stock it. Its distilled here in Colorado and out-freaking-standing but I can't remember who makes it.

    2. Argonaut at 700 East Colfax Ave. is the biggest, or at least one of the biggest, liquor stores in Denver. It's not exactly in the Cherry Creek area, but except for rush hours, traffic isn't heavy, lights are timed and you should be able to get there fairly quickly. If you want to check whether they have your Stranahan's, call 303-831-7788 first.

      If you wanted a Cherry Creek wine store, I'd recommend The Vineyard at 261 Fillmore Street in Cherry Creek North. It's a first-rate wine retailer.

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        I meant Argonaut. Arrow is in Lakewood, and is the biggest liquor store I have ever been (warning - no credit cards accepted). My mistake on the name.

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          I think Booger means Applejack in Golden. It is the greatest wine store I've ever been in, and has a selection you wouldn't believe. Everything from mad dog to $3,000 bottles of Cognac. www for info. They only take cash or Co check.


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            Dang, I such with names. Applejack is definately correct. Thanks for the correction.

            Apple Jack Wine & Spirits
            3320 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge, CO

      2. Hey, Argonaut, the largest liquor store in Denver is on East Colfax (recovering shady neighborhood about 10 blocks north of Cherry Creek). Applejack, the largest single store wine retailer in North America is in Lakewood, west of Denver at the I70 Youngfield exit. On the east side of Cheery Creek along Colorado Blvd is City Wine, a small store, but very good wine selections and fairly priced.

        Blue Ox

        1. Bonnie Brea Liquor at Exposition and University is a terrific liquor store with an ample beer selection as well as impressive wines, both well-known labels and boutique bottlings (it's about one mile south of the Cherry Creek shopping center, on University Blvd.) Applejack Liquor is truly amazing and worth the trek if you simply want to see what could very well be the best liquor store in the country. It's in Wheat Ridge, by the way -- not Lakewood or Golden -- right on the corner of Youngfield and 32nd Avenue. About 15 minutes north of Cherry Creek, in the Highlands neighborhood, is Mondo Vino, truly the best boutique wine shop in Denver -- and right next door is St. Killians, a lovely cheese shop.

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            IMO, the best boutique grape shop around Denver is Primo Vino in downtown Arvada. Mondo Vino is a great shop but the people there don't quite have the passion of Brad at Primo.

          2. Since this thread has migrated from a liquor store in/near Cherry Creek to wine stores in greater Denver, I'll put in a plug for the Boulder Wine Merchant, owned by two, count 'em two, of the 77 Master Sommeliers in the US -- Wayne Belding and Sally Mohr.