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Dec 21, 2006 08:34 PM

Good French in Park Slope/Ft. Greene?

I'm looking for a good, cozy and not incredibly overpriced french restaurant in brooklyn with some solid food. I've been to Moutarde on 5th found the apps to be good but the main courses to be subpar...any other suggestions?

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  1. I've been to Cocotte before, also on 5th Ave, and enjoyed their food. I remember the prices being pretty reasonable too. They actually have 'special' days - on Sunday it's BYOB and on Thursday, when you buy 1 entree, you get the 2nd one free. Not bad, eh?

    1. If Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill works for you your should try ICI or LouLou, on DeKalb. both serve up pretty good french meals in nice settings at reasonable prices.

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        I used to really really love LouLou, preferring it to the other French places in Fort Greene (not including ICI--but the now gone A Table, and Chez Oscar which I've never really enjoyed), however the last few times we went it was seriously lacking. The Moules I got were nice and fresh, but the sauce they came in was almost inedible. I'm sure the degree of badness was something of an exception, but it was indicative of what seemed to be a general downturn in quality over the last few years. I really really *like* the place and think the garden is absolutely charming, but that meal does not make me want to go back to find out if it was merely a fluke.

        Ici has always been quite good, and it is someplace I keep thinking I should go to more often.

      2. Belleville isn't bad....

        1. I second Belleville. Its more of a brasserie menu than Moutarde, but pretty good for what it is.