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Dec 21, 2006 08:03 PM

Desperately seeking delicious Wonton Soup - eat-in or takeout

Have had a craving for a fragrant and satisfying wonton soup. Lately, I've had bad luck and the broth at various restaurants has tasted either too salty, like dishwater, or too much MSG. The wontons have also disappointed - especially the tough 'mystery pork' filling.

It shouldn't be that hard to find this classic soup in Manhattan. All suggestions are appreciated but I'd prefer to hear about real neighborhood places and not just Chinatown favorites.

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  1. I had a great one today at Gourmet Szechuan (or is it Szechuan gourmet? - I can never remember) it is on39th between 5th and 6th. The broth is porky without being too salty, and it had some fresh scallions in it. Even when I was in China, the pork always seems like "mystery pork" at least here it was a little pink - not just a grey lump.

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      Szechuan Gourmet. I agree that they have good wonton soup. I go there when I am not feeling well, especially when I get a cold. The soup and entrees clear my sinuses right up.

    2. some people will probably blast me for this

      but I like the egg drop wonton soup from Wo Hop. The wontons of course are standard take out wontons, thick skinned and full of mystery meat. I find it to be quite tasty, despite Wo Hop being in Chinatown surrounded by more authentic Cantonese fare.

      I think the tea den in mid town serves a decent wonton soup. The broth was more vegetable tasting. The wonton's were your typical take out fare though.

      1. i really like the shrimp wonton soup at sweet 'n' tart - with lots of white pepper. surprisingly close to how my grandma used to make it. the wontons have a nice thin skin, and the filling is tender pork with shrimp and watercress. it comes in a tasty broth filled with egg noodles. i haven't had it there in a while, hopefully it's still as good as i remember. these are taiwanese style wontons.

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          Sweet 'n Tart's two Manhattan locations closed a few months ago.

        2. I like the shrimp wonton soup at Great NY Noodletown.

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            i second the shrimp wonton soup at Noodletown. I also like the vegetable duplings in soup, but i'm not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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              Never had the shrimp wonton soup, but if it's as good as their pork wonton version - which is one of the best deals in town - then it's a winner.

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                I think there is pork in the shrimp wontons. yummm

            2. Haven't had them in a while, but I used to love the small, thin skinned pork wontons at Big Wong on Mott street.