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Dec 21, 2006 07:47 PM

Can fresh, lump crab be frozen?

I just bought some fresh, lump crab today. I won't need to use it until Monday. Should I keep in the freezer so it doesnt go bad? Or will it be ok in the fridge?


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  1. Can it be done, yes, do I, no, only under an extreme emergency. I find that it retains too much water and then you basically have to sqeeze the crab meat (draining doesn't cut it) to get the excess water out and it breaks up the lumps.

    What are you making with it and what is the sell by date?

    1. exactly what I was goint to say- I have done it, but always ends up very watery, and I end up destroying the nice lumps. I do still use it for crab dip though as I hate pasteurized crabmeat.

      1. The monger told me that the crab came in today, and I am planning to use it for crab cakes on Dec. 25th. It was so expensive so I dont want to risk spoiling it--the freezer seems like a bad idea. right now i've stored it in the fridge.

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          you should be OK, but if you're feeling weird about it, make the crab cakes today and freeze the cakes. and WORD pamd - pasteurized crab should be outlawed. ok - yea I'm spoiled I live in Maryland

        2. It will be fine in your refrigerator until Christmas. Just keep it in the coldest place in the fridge.