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Dec 21, 2006 07:42 PM

Wine pairing for cured meats and/or paté

Hello. I picked up some very good prosciutto and Spanish jamon and several types of liver and game patés to enjoy with some guests. What are the classic pairings for such meats? I know paté and salumi are completely different categories, so I'm looking wine pairing for suggestions for one or both.

My preliminary (and rather uninformed) thoughts: full-bodied champagne, a not-too-serious red rioja, sherry (maybe manzanilla). Am I way off base?

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  1. For Jamon, a classic pairing would be to serve priorats or a tempranillo from toro. However, a rueda is often better, due to the salt content in the ham.

    1. I think you very much on the right track. A fino sherry is the way to go with good jamón. I have yet to find anything that pairs better. A brut or brut nature Cava/Champagne is another good option.

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        FINO SHERRY there is almost nothing better on earth than a FRESH jerez fino or manzanilla with Spanish ham. It must be a FRESH bottle not Tio Pepe sitting on a shelf gathering dust for 18 months (nothing against Tio Pepe as long as it's fresh). Grab some La Gitana Manzanilla at PJWine for $9/ 500ml and you will be in heaven.

      2. for nice salumi like this, maybe a Tocai Friulano? Vie di Romans make a lush one, with a slight bit of oak.

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            How about a Brachetto d'Acqui, a sparkling red from Piedmonte?

          2. Try to chill the fino sherry a bit before pairing with the jamon. Did wonders for me!