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Dec 21, 2006 07:23 PM

Pennsylvania Perogies

I saw a show I can't remember when or what it was on, where they had Grandma's making homemade perogi's in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, I think, and they could UPS them out. Would love to find the website. Any clues??

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  1. As a rough guess, I'd suggest Pierogies Plus, located near Pittsburgh. It was featured on a FoodNation with Bobby Flay episode.

    Here is the website:

    Hope this helps!

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      1. re: mellyn66

        You're welcome!

        I always sautee my potato and cheese pierogies in a little butter and olive oil and onions.

    1. It is easy (just time consuming) to make your own. That way you get to decide on what fillings you want, besides the usual.
      If I can make them, anyone can!!

      I have made them with my wife's family. (Her grandmother came to Philadelphia from Ukraine/Poland border area, back in the 1920's.)
      Where I grew up, we didn't have Polish food, but since I am a chowhound, I have learned to love it and now I cook some of it myself.

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        Well the idea is to get the peroggies so my husband and I can taste them and figure it out before we make them. My husband's grandmother came over from Krakow and he has lovely memories of huge family dinners with peroggies and all sorts of stuff (even "Piva" which is beer, they used to ask the kids if they wanted any!) laden on the tables. We made them about a year ago with mashed potatoes and cheese but it just wasn't the same.
        However, we DO have raviolli's down pat!

        1. re: mellyn66

          They're not the greatest, but they're adequate, and they're also made in my home town, so if you can find them in your freezer section, I'd urge you to give them a try. My Polish mother and her sisters always made them, and, honestly, it's not that hard.

          But, for now, check this out - they're really a true PA experience (coalcracker, too):

        2. pierogies plus is awesome!

          Mrs. T is adequate, but if this is your first "pierogie tasting" go for pierogies plus. Mrs. T is like a fast food version of real pierogies. You will LOVE them

          get the cheese and potato pierogies as well as the sauerkraut pierogies. Might seem weird to eat sauerkraut pierogies but they are awesome!

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          1. re: yammers

            Mrs Ts is good for a quick almost pierogie taste but nowhere as good as homemade.

            Nothing weird about sauerkraut (also with sauerkraut/mushrooms "Kapusta z Grzybami") pierogies at all. And don't forget cabbage/onion, prune, sweetened farmers cheese and one of my favorites wild blueberry filling.

          2. When you get them, fry them in a skillet with butter and onions.

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            1. re: yayadave

              Yes, indeed! Thaw them first, and then saute with lots of butter, tons of onions that have been browned just a bit, and, when you're ready to go The Full Polish, as we called it in our house, throw in the sour cream.