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Dec 21, 2006 07:16 PM

Bakery in North San Diego

I need a bakery in North County San Diego (coastal) for an adult birthday cake. Any suggestions? Tried VG's and was not too impressed. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know how far North you are, but Champagne Bakery (Del Mar, Encinitas (near RSF)) has great adult tastebud style cakes. The Cake Lady in La Jolla also has great baked goods. Although my hands down pick for best cake in the county (and I'd argue the country) is Extraordinary Desserts (locations downtown and in Hillcrest). I think I've tried at least seven different varities...and would fly back to San Diego just for a piece of their cake!

    1. Try the french bakery on Carlsbad Village Drive (in Albertson's shopping center)

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        kitchenhag, do they have decent bread too? I haven't found anything in North County that's passable yet. Best baguette I can find is at TJ's... that's pretty sad.

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          Pablo... I haven't have occasion to get a baguette there. Did have croissant sand and it was good not greasy. Let us know if you try the bread.

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            The deli in Harvest Ranch Market (the intersection of Encinitas Blvd and Manchester) carries partially baked refrigerated Solunto bread which just needs reheating: 400o oven, etc. Yum.

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              You may not believe this, but Cosco has the best baguettes I've found here since I left NJ and NY. Crust is nice and chewy. (I like a tough bread.)

          2. I agree about the French Bakery in Carlsbad. I enjoyed some of their stuff this morning. This place never fails.

            1. Le Rendez-Vous in the Ralph's shopping center (southeast corner of Oceanside and College Blvds.) is terrific; their cakes and pastries are wonderful, brioche and croissants, too, and the baguettes are outstanding. It's owned and run by a really darling Hmong couple. Check it out!

              4225 Oceanside Blvd., Suite Q
              Oceanside, CA 92056

              1. i second champagne, their fruit tart is especially lovely. also, i've had great luck with the bakery at whole foods market. the lemon raspberry tart is wonderful.

                i know extraordinary desserts always gets a few votes but their cakes are too cloyingly sweet for my taste.