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Dec 21, 2006 07:09 PM

Fun meal for a college student in New Brunswick?

Fun meal for college student?

Wondering if anyone can help me with a last-minute gift idea. My brother is a cash-strapped college student at Rutgers in New Brunswick. I was thinking about a gift certificate to a restaurant there -- not necessarily looking for a fancy or upscale meal, more like a fun place that's a little more than a college student hangout. Know of anything that fits the bill? thanks

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    1. Makeda (it's 20$+ per dish during dinner time though...) It is Ethiopian food. Across from Soho.

      Menu is on the site! They should have gift certificates based on: it says something about it in one of the fields. Call and ask.

      1. I second Makeda. Great food and you get to eat with your hands!

        1. Marita's Cantina for Mexican.

          1. Link for gift certificates at Makeda


            I found this link on the Makedas reservation page at the top right area of the site, incase you don't trust that link.