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Dec 21, 2006 07:06 PM

Romantic Italian or French nr Studio City...

I know of a few- Cafe Bizou, Tiramisu, Pinot...
But want to believe there are more and perhaps better
around...any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. La Frite in Woodland Hills is good, but maybe too far for you. I think they have a branch in Sherman Oaks.

    1. Petit Jaques just east of Dixie Cyn on S side of Ventura; Bistro Garden, west of Coldwater on the S side of Ventura. La Frite does have a place in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura, just w of Lemmona, but I don't think it's romantic.

      1. Ca' del Sole has a romantic patio (w/ heaters); also an attractive, inviting dining room & excellent Italian food. Near Universal; corner of Cahuenga & Lankershim.

        1. Try Locanda Veneta on 3rd Street off La Cienega. Romantic and never rushed. We've eaten there a few times and we were never pressured to leave. The last time we went I thought the food was a little salty but it was still good.

          1. While I haven't been in a while, Mezzomondo on Ventura was always very nice. Great lighting, nice seating, attentive Italian waiters. The food was terrific as well.