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Anyone recommend a cafe/bakery that makes great savory tarts?

For many years we've brought Once Upon a Tart savory tarts out to the holiday family gathering in LI and they're always a hit. However, now that we have two little ones, we're finding it difficult to find time to get into the city on weekends. I've had no luck googling or searching the OB boards for recommendations so if anyone has a place they love in Brklyn Hts, DUMBO, Prospect Hts, Ft Greene, Park Slope, Boerum Hill or Carroll Gardens/CobbleHill area, please let me know.

happy holidays

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  1. Try one of Sweet Melissa's locations.

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      thanks for the tip, however, they are the first place we thought of and they evidently don't do them. We also checked marquet and cousin john's and no dice.

    2. You might want to check the french bakery on 9th st, between 5th and 6th ave (in PS). I'm not positive, but since they do both sweets and sandwiches they might be a good bet.

      1. I've gotten good savory tarts at Blue Apron in the past. They don't make them and I don't know whether they have them all the time but you might call and ask.

        1. There's a sweet little cafe called Parco on 7th Ave. b/w 14th & 15th (east side of st. next to Tost). They sell delicious quiches by the slice as well as whole ones and are quite reasonable (I believe the 14 inch one we bought a while back was $16).

            1. thank you everyone for the suggestions. i will keep those in mind for next year. the hubby was in cobble hill yesterday and ran across a new french pastry shop/cafe on smith that evidently can do the tarts so we're picking up from there today.

              to the question about the definition of a savory tart, i really don't know, but since we've been getting them for years from once upon a tart in soho (and can't this year) perhaps their website would shed more insite www.onceuponatart.com. Based on taste alone, I'd say tarts are denser - definitely not fluffy like a quiche, consequently thinner, and typically the veggies, ham, etc, are cooked on top of the 'pie' rather than mixed in. Very tasty stuff and we aren't ever allowed to arrive at our inlaws at christmas without a few in hand. So hopefully this french place in CH will come through. Happy holidays!

              1. Have had great savory tarts from Tazza on Henry St off of Atlantic. They seem to rotate types of vegs, but spinach is my fav. Some have cheese and herbs in the pastry...yummy!

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                  Thanks, I actually just recently heard of them and had been curious to check them out. We'll definitely keep them in mind for next year.


                2. Downtown Atlantic has a bakery as you all know and they make savory tarts.

                  1. Love Once Upon a Tart....

                    1. I don't know if they have them, but Joyce Bakery, on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, is also excellent.