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Dinner for 7 Downtown

Chow Challenge: With all the new places sprouting up downtown, anyone have any suggestions for an affordable yet hip place to enjoy dinner and celebrate my birthday, with one vegetarian in attendance, full bar and decent wine list necessary...

Liberty Grill intrigued me but gets mixed reviews here

Blue Velvet seems to average $50/person which is kinda high for this crowd

Is Roy's expensive?

I've been there before, but maybe Pete's?

Thanks in advance

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  1. i believe roy's has a 3 course prix fixe menu for $35.

    1. How about Royal Clayton's? I haven't been yet but it sounds festive. I didn't like the atmosphere at Pete's that much.

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        Royal Clayton is a good idea. It's kind of like Pete's would be if Pete's were actually good, and it hits that zone between bar and restaurant perfectly. Not expensive. A great tap beer list and drinkable wine. Festive red-lit Xmas tree at the moment, too.

      2. Anyone been to the Redwood Bar & Grill?

        1. Opus isn't strictly downtown, but pretty close. $30 3 course tasting is quite nice there.

          1. There's also Pete's Cafe and Bar. Very low-key environment. The food is good for what it is and the service is friendly. There's also J-lounge. But it may get up there with Blue Velvet. Ciudad can be fun and the food is good. They also have quite a few vegetarian options and the drinks are strong.

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                Hey, I never heard of this place - it looks pretty cool! Thx

              2. How about retro? Full House Seafood in Chinatown has got to be the best deal going and you can address your vegetarian needs nicely. Sorry to veer from the "new" parameter but FH is, well, hip in its own way.

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                  But do they serve wine (per the OP's request)?

                2. Roy's! When making reservations, they'll usually be the first to ask if it's a special occasion. Just say yes, it'll be your birthday, and wait for a surprise that evening!

                  1. another vote for roy's. if you're willing to branch out further, there's some great options in little tokyo. i would go for izayoi or sushi gen - moderately priced and yummy.

                    1. avoid liberty grill - one of the most disappointing meals i've had downtown was served to me there. the redwood is cool as far as bars go, but for a birthday dinner? you're better off at pete's. the service at pete's is really uneven, but the food is solid and they have decent vegetarian options. i like 626 reserve a lot, good wine selection, great service and food, but keep in mind that this is more of a small plates kind of place. i love roy's but find it hard to stick with a prix fixe menu with so many more yummy but more expensive options. for really good sushi in little tokyo, try hama sushi (less expensive than r23 and sushi gen, but good sushi and a small room for your party, though i don't think they have wine, just beer and sake. ciudad is a strong option, one of my favorites and they don't disappoint in food, service or beverage selection.